350 UW student group caravan headed to Standing Rock

By Janette Rosenbaum — UW–Madison 350 students will organize a van or car caravan to go to the Standing Rock camp in North Dakota November 11 to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline, and to deliver food to water protectors.

The UW student group is hosting a food drive, and will pack donations into their van at 4pm on November 10, at the Sierra Club, 754 Williamson St., Madison. On November 11 about a dozen UW students will depart to join Standing Rock “Water Protectors”, Native Americans who, for months, have been blocking the route of the Dakota Access Pipeline across their sacred lands and water sources. UW students will deliver food such as eggs, cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables and lunchmeats to the Water Protectors.

Lauren Peretz, UW senior in biology and sociology, with certificates in environmental studies and global health, is an organizer of the caravan. She explained why this action is important to UW 350 students:

“One of our main priorities is to stop Line 66, an Enbridge tar sands pipeline in Wisconsin. Therefore we stand in solidarity with other pipeline fighters. Our local Wisconsin campaign against Line 66 is a fight against new pipeline infrastructure which not only threatens to worsen climate change but also endangers the health of people in our state. For that reason, we understand the cause of the Standing Rock Water Protectors, and support them.

“Many of us also see beyond the environmental issues and are fighting for human rights. Native Americans in this country have been mistreated ever since the Europeans first settled here. The pipeline's original route through North Dakota was close to Bismarck and would have threatened to poison the water supply of its predominantly white population.

“After pushback from Bismarck citizens, that proposal was shot down. Yet the Dakota Access Pipeline company decided it was acceptable to poison the drinking water of Native Americans and continue to violate their human rights by crossing their sacred lands.”

In addition to food donations, money donations will also be accepted, in cash or by check. Over $1,000 has already been donated. The UW student group will meet for the van packing at 754 Williamson St., Thursday, November 10 at 4pm.  The caravan will leave for Standing Rock Friday, November 11.

350 Madison Climate Action Team is the local branch of 350.org, an international grassroots organization that is mobilizing a global climate movement. 350 parts per million (ppm) of CO2 is the number that leading scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. We have well exceeded that limit. Learn more: http://350madison.org/Multi-School Divestment Fund http://www.divestfund.org/