PDs Pick of the Week: Olbrich Biergarten

While we might all love to have a biergarten on the lake, some things are more important, like transparency and good government process.  Email your alders (allalders@cityofmadison.com) asking them to start over and have a good, clean process to decide what type of activities should be happening in our parks.  We're in the middle of the public input process for our 5 year plan for parks, get more public input and involve the community in true placemaking.  If this passes tonight, ask the mayor (mayor@cityofmadison.com) to veto. Continue reading

Vote Today!

Don't forget to vote today!  Primaries in Madison School Board races and for Fitchburg Mayor!   Continue reading

Get out the vote this weekend!

The weather will be spectacular this weekend. It is a perfect time to lace up your shoes and volunteer for a local campaign for a Get Out The Vote (GOTV) event! There are many opportunities to do so, particularly for the contested primaries: Continue reading

Make a difference in local politics!

By Yogesh Chawla — There is a groundswell of activism sweeping the nation. Citizens who have been on the periphery are now front and center in reclaiming government for public good. Despite this growing movement, it is still hard to figure out how to get involved in a campaign and become more active in local government. Continue reading

The law and opioids

Moving from punishment to recovery support By Vanessa della Bitta — A few months have past since Part Two of Progressive Dane’s coverage of the opiate use epidemic and now, with 2017 underway, we conclude this series with the third and final segment. In September’s Part One, we discussed the severe rise in opiate overdose, and some of the harm reduction efforts and legislation designed to address it. Part Two explored the nature of treatment services and recovery supports for those with opioid use disorder, as well as current barriers to getting help. Here, we focus on the role of Dane County law enforcement in the opioid epidemic, as well as the legal consequences of using and their effect on an individual’s road to recovery. Continue reading

1-30-17 City, County and School Board Meetings

If you want to get involved in local politics, there's no shortage of what you can get involved in - this week is heavy on policing issues, but also using the Messner's site for affordable housing.  This post is cross posted from Forwardlookout.com with permission from Brenda Konkel. Continue reading

PD's Pick of the Week! Use Messner's for Affordable Housing

Seems like a no-brainer, right? Unfortunately, it may not be.  Please help support this idea early on! Continue reading

PD’s Pick of the Week: County Jail

Each week Progressive Dane will highlight an item at a local government meeting that we think is important. Be there if you can, pay attention, ask questions. This week's item concerns the proposed remodeling of the County Jail: Continue reading

12-19-16 City, County and School Agendas

55 meetings last week, only 16 I could find that weren't cancelled for this week.  If you have an interest, there is a way to get plugged in locally!  Re-posted from forwardlookout.com with permission from Brenda Konkel. Continue reading

PD's Pick of the Week!

Each week, after consulting some of our elected officials, we will post one action you can take - typically going to a meeting and supporting their work - that will also support the goals in our platforms.  Many people are talking about how with president-elect Trump, we need to double down on our actions locally.  And we're here to help figure out what you can do! This week's action is tonight! Continue reading