Spring 2014 Election Recap

Victories for Progressive Candidates, Concerns for Community Involvement - Written by Matt Kozlowski, Treasurer Over the course of the past several months, Dane County finished up another County elections cycle. However, if you didn’t notice, we can hardly hold it against you given the lack of candidates on the ballot--more on that later. Before examining other aspects of this election cycle, let’s take a look at the results. Progressive Dane Endorsed Races:D2: Heidi Wegleitner, Incumbent (Unopposed)D4: Kyle Richmond, Incumbent (Unopposed)D6: John Hendrick, Incumbent (Unopposed)D11: Al Matano, Incumbent (Unopposed)D18: Michele Ritt (Unopposed)D5: Leland Pan, Incumbent - WINNER! (279 Votes, 54.7%)       - Opponent: Chris Hoffman (223 Votes, 43.7%)D27: Dorothy Krause, Incumbent - WINNER! (528 Votes, 58.1%)       - Opponent: Patrick Stern (377 Votes, 41.5%)Other Contested Races:D21: Andrew Schauer - Winner (834 Votes, 60.7%)D22: Maureen McCarville, Incumbent - Winner (1003 Votes, 56.8%)D28: Abigail Wuest - Winner (1541 Votes, 56.6%)D30: Patrick Downing - Winner (1361 Votes, 66.6%)D32: Mike Willett - Winner (1770 Votes, 58.3%) Continue reading

Progressive Dane's 2013 SnowBall

Join Progressive Dane as we celebrate the life and work of DavidAustin and in his memory, honor those who continue to fight for abetter Dane County community.Progressive Dane will honor County Board Chair John Hendrick andSupervisor Heidi Wegleitner with the inaugural David Austin MemorialAward. We salute County Board Chair John Hendrick for his long career of public service working for progressive causes and County Board Supervisor Heidi Wegleitner for her dedicated and passionate service fighting for affordable housing and championing issues of homelessness. When: Sunday, December 8th from 2pm-4pm Where: Essen Haus - 514 E Wilson St, Madison We hope to see you there! Members Sponsor the SnowBall at all different levels: Basic Sponsor: $25 Regular Sponsor: $50 Contributing Sponsor: $75 Supporting Sponsor: $100 Benefactor: $250

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin's brief time with homeless family fires a will to 'fix this'

Published in The Cap Times, September 14th, 2013 Madison Mayor Paul Soglin got involved with homelessness Friday on an up-close-and-personal basis when he met a family from Chicago that has been sleeping on State Street and ended up giving several of them a ride across town. It wasn't clear Friday afternoon whether the family — with five adults and five children, ages 4 months to 13 years — would be able to find a place to sleep that night. The shelter for women and children run by the Salvation Army was overflowing. Continue reading

UW-Madison Takes Important Step Towards LGTB Inclusivity

Published in The Cap Times, September 2nd, 2013 College presents a lot of choices. Pick your classes. Pick your friends. Pick your name. The last option is newly available to UW-Madison students this fall. While the practice of reinvention with the help of a fake identification card has happened on college campuses before, this is the first time Wisconsin students will have the option of officially renaming themselves. Continue reading

Progressive Dane Elected Officials Call for Homelessness Solutions

Published in The Cap Times, September 4th, 2013 When dusk falls, Phalen Pierson, 53, puts down a couple of layers of cardboard with a thin foam pad in between and settles in to spend the night on the steps of Madison’s City-County Building. Many nights, Pierson is joined by anywhere from six to a dozen other homeless people. An equal number may be sleeping on the steps of the Madison Municipal Building or on nearby benches, steps away from downtown Madison landmarks like the Monona Terrace Convention Center.   Continue reading

New Ordinance Improves Tenants Rights in Dane County

This past month, the Dane County Board of Supervisors approved a new ordinance to require new protections for Dane County tenants applying for a lease. The measure has two major effects: 1) Require landlords to notify tenants in writing for why leases are not being renewed and 2) Require landlords to notify applicants of the reason they are being rejected for a lease, upon request. These requirements, brought to the Health and Human Needs Committee by Progressive Dane Supervisor Heidi Wegleitner, will help to protect renters from discriminatory practices in the application process. Continue reading

Madison's Moral Imperative is to Trickle Up, Not Down

Published in The Cap Times, August 13th, 2013 Could it be? Could madison be poised for a broad push to help the most needy? Mayor Paul Soglin outlined his view recently to the Madison Rotary that the business community should make a dedicated effort to combat poverty and close the wide economic gap between white residents and residents of color. A smattering of comments accompanying press of his remarks seemed to indicate that civic and business leaders were willing to take up the cause – but the workings of a wonky city committee shine a bright light on a different cause entirely. Continue reading

Madison's Leadership out of touch with our 77 miles

Published in The Cap Times, July 22nd, 2013 Dear Editor: Madison is all aflutter after Mayor Paul Soglin proposed to enshrine a tongue in cheek motto for Madison, “77 miles surrounded by reality,” into the law books recently. While some in the community reacted in deep horror to an identity that may turn away business investment, the real reality is that Madison's leadership is deeply out of touch with its 77 miles. Continue reading

Garden Party and the Kathy Schroeder Award

The Annual Progressive Dane Garden Party is this Friday, July 19 from 5-9pm!  The event will take place at the Brittingham Park Pavilion at 401 S. Brittingham Pl, Madison.    The Garden Party is a great time to connect with new and old members, electeds, and supporters.  The event is a potluck and fundraiser, so please bring a contribution if you're able.  Continue reading

Introducing PD e-Newsletter

Starting this month, Progressive Dane will begin to offer members a choice for how they receive organizational updates: electronically or through the mail. Click here to switch to the e-Newsletter today! Continue reading