My Perspective on the English Language Learner Proposal

By Madison Metropolitan School District Board member Anna Mueller Moffit — Currently, the Board of Education is reviewing and gathering input about our district's English Language Learner Plan (ELL) which will provide a comprehensive approach to serve our students that do not have English as their native language. [] This is a multi-faceted plan which includes an emphasis on Bilingual Education. This proposal has the potential to better serve our ELL students through increased professional development and collaboration, enhanced family engagement, and stronger English as a Second Language (ESL) instructional practices and more consistent Bilingual Education programs. As a Board member, I will be expected to vote on this plan in the near future.  Continue reading

Re-scheduled Elections Committee Dates

We have had the hardest time getting our busy members together at the same time and place to discuss Elections Committee issues . . . but we have two new dates!  Please join us! Continue reading

Join PD and MOSES Tonight!

Below please see a memo to MOSES members about an important meeting tonight on racial disparities in the criminal justice system.   A good turn out, with many faces and voices calling for a decrease in racial disparities is important.  MOSES has been leading the charge on this and shares some good information for this evening. Continue reading

Community Response Team open meeting October 15

The Community Response Team (CRT) invites you to a open group meeting beginning at 5:15pm on Thursday, October 15 at Bethany Evangelical Church, 301 Riverside Dr., in Madison. Continue reading

Dane County meetings, week of October 5-9

By Brenda Konkel — Budget season is starting . . . Continue reading

City of Madison meetings, week of October 5-9

By Brenda Konkel — Lots of links missing . . . Continue reading

Progressive Dane rejects "trickle down economics" of JDS

Progressive Dane cheered on as our city made commitments to equity and justice, and now we urge our leaders to put those commitments in action by rejecting the Judge Doyle Square proposal. Instead, we should pursue investments that will address Madison’s real needs. Continue reading

Finally, a Good Place for a Day Center, But Bad Process Is Still Bad Process

By Brenda Konkel — Even if it is for a good cause.  I’m thrilled about the Messner’s site [1300 block of East Washington Avenue] for the day center and the fact that the county has an accepted offer to purchase, but damn, do they have to make it so hard for it to be successful? Mark your calendar — neighborhood meeting quickly put together by Alder Ledell Zellers and Supervisor Heidi Wegnleitner to slow the process down and get this right! We can’t screw this one up too, can we? Continue reading

The Mayor’s Bench Ordinance Jeoparidzes Federal Funding

By Brenda Konkel — We knew it was coming, but here it is! This is from the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty and explains how we will lose points on our Federal Applications for Affordable Housing. The Cost of Criminalizing Homelessness Just Went Up by $1.9 Billion HUD Funding Requirement Building on Department of Justice Enforcement Continue reading

Panel discussion and community meeting on policing

Monday, September 21, 6:30-9:00pm Bethany Church, 301 Riverside Drive The Community Response Team (CRT) invites you to participate in a community conversation focused on important civilian and police officer safety issues that have come to light in the wake of the killing of unarmed, Williamson Marquette neighborhood resident Tony Robinson. These issues are not new and were part of a robust community debate after the killing of unarmed Paulie Heenan in 2012. Continue reading