PD Pick of the Week : Mental Health and Jail Diversion

There is a joint meeting of the of the Public Protection and Judiciary Committee (PPJ) with the Health and Human Needs Committee on Tuesday June 6, at 5:30 in the City-County Building room 354.  The focus of this meeting is to discuss jail diversion of individuals with Mental Health issues.  A specific recommendation is to develop a short term crisis/restoration/stabilization program, including capacity for short term residence to serve individuals with mental health issues who would otherwise be booked into jail. Continue reading

PD Welcomes Simone and Max to the Steering Committee

Simone Doing and Max Puchalsky are artists, organizers, and educators who are involved a range of projects that reflect their interest in new media, and engagement with local community issues. Together they are Co-Founders of Midwest Story Lab, a multimedia studio, and several community-based art projects including Justified Art!, CSArt Madison (Community Supported Art), and OFF THE WALL. They currently work as Lead Curators at Arts + Literature Laboratory, a community arts nonprofit, and as project managers for Captured: Narratives of Dane County’s Incarcerated Youth in collaboration with GSAFE (Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools). The pair have worked on national, state, and municipal campaigns, most recently as Campaign Managers for Ali Muldrow’s Madison School Board race. In fall 2017, they will begin earning their MFA in Digital Media from UW-Madison on a Graduate Fellowship.  Progressive Dane welcomes them both to the Steering Committee.

PD Policy Need YOU!

At Wednesday's general membership meeting (GMM), we discussed several exciting projects the PD Policy Committee has taken on, including the Local Government Guide, Housing and Homelessness Report Cards for Madison Council and Dane County Board, City of Fitchburg Platform and an Education Platform.  Our policy committee can't do this alone, so we're reaching out to all members to recruit new members of the policy committee and/or special task forces to work on these projects. Continue reading

2017 School Board Election Wrap Up

            Seats 6 and 7 were up for re-election in 2017 for the Madison School Board.  Seat 7 Incumbent Ed Hughes had two challengers, Nicki Vander Meulen and Matt Andrzejewski, both of whom were endorsed by Progressive Dane.  Michael Flores was retiring his post on seat 6 and there were three candidates vying to replace him. Cris Carusi, Kate Toews and Ali Muldrow ran for the open seat and PD endorsed Carusi and Muldrow. Continue reading

Get out the vote for PD endorsed Candidates!

It is the last weekend before Spring Elections and campaigns are in full swing.  Can YOU volunteer to help get this impressive slate of progressive candidates elected? PD has endorsed the following candidates (* denotes unopposed): Madison Metropolitan School District Seat 6 - Ali Muldrow for School BoardSeat 7 - Nicki Vander Meulen Madison City Council District 2 - Ledell Zellers*District 4 - Mike Verveer*District 6 - Marsha Rummel*District 11 - Bradley Campbell (Bradley Campbell for Madison)District 17 - Samba Baldeh*District 18 - Rebecca Kemble* Fitchburg City Council & Mayor Mayor - Steve Arnold (Reelect Mayor Steve Arnold)District 1, Seat 1 - Dorothy Krause (http://krause4alder.com/)District 1, Seat 2 - Wanda Smith (Friends 4 Wanda Smith)District 2, Seat 4 - Linda BrewerDistrict 3, Seat 5 - Jay Allen Continue reading

PD Pick of the Week: Koval's Legal Fees

Hard to choose this week, but here's what we have.  The city council shouldn't pay the nearly $22,000 in legal fees without at least seeing the bills and reviewing the totality of the situation, after all, its optional for them to pay.  The state law and their own policies say that they "may" pay the bill.  In this case, we don't see why they should. Continue reading

Al Matano and Tim Gruber endorse Bradley Campbell for District 11 Alder

By longtime PD endorsed County Supervisor Al MatanoDear Friends: For the 17 years I have represented District 11 on the Dane County Board I have been fortunate to have a strong counterpart on the Madison Common Council. My good friend Tim Gruber agreed to be appointed to the seat vacated mid-term by his successor with his promise to not seek election in this April's election. Tim (Alder Gruber) and I are supporting Bradley Campbell for the open seat. Continue reading

PDs Pick of the Week: Olbrich Biergarten

While we might all love to have a biergarten on the lake, some things are more important, like transparency and good government process.  Email your alders (allalders@cityofmadison.com) asking them to start over and have a good, clean process to decide what type of activities should be happening in our parks.  We're in the middle of the public input process for our 5 year plan for parks, get more public input and involve the community in true placemaking.  If this passes tonight, ask the mayor (mayor@cityofmadison.com) to veto. Continue reading

Vote Today!

Don't forget to vote today!  Primaries in Madison School Board races and for Fitchburg Mayor!   Continue reading

Get out the vote this weekend!

The weather will be spectacular this weekend. It is a perfect time to lace up your shoes and volunteer for a local campaign for a Get Out The Vote (GOTV) event! There are many opportunities to do so, particularly for the contested primaries: Continue reading