Judge Doyle Square Update

By Brenda Konkel — At least what they were willing to divulge in open session in about a half hour. I was surprised they did anything in open session, since it was noticed for closed session. Continue reading

Dane County public meetings for the week of July 27–31

By Brenda Konkel — Six meetings this week, two after 5:30, three before 10am. Ever feel like these meetings aren’t really for the public? Continue reading

Scheduled city of Madison meetings for the week of July 27–31

By Brenda Konkel — Only 17 meetings this week (so far), only 2 start after 5:30, 6 start before 4:30.. Ever feel like they really don’t want the public to attend? Continue reading

City of Madison Launches New Program to Improve Food Access

By Janette Rosenbaum — Madison's Healthy Retail Work Group is about to launch a new funding program. The program will offer financial assistance to retailers or organizations seeking to bring more fresh, healthy food to recognized food deserts — also known as areas of focus— within the city. These newly-identified areas suffer from low access to healthy food due to low income, limited access to transportation, or lack of adequate nearby food resources. Continue reading

Development and Democracy

By Sue Pastor — Early in June, Common Council chose to delay a vote on the T Wall Enterprises Portage Road Apartments, taking a step that allowed more time to address the concerns of project neighbors and illustrating the importance of a democratically minded alder.   Continue reading

A Work in Progress — Update On a Day Center for the Homeless

By Heidi Wegleitner, Dane County Supervisor — Many of you have been following the county’s efforts to site a comprehensive day resource center to serve homeless people. Without getting into all the details of the three year saga, the fact remains that we are still looking for a location. Continue reading

Stoughton residents seek funds for court action to stop TIF for Walmart

Residents of Stoughton have been questioning the city’s plan to subsidize a development including a WalMart SuperCenter since the plan was revealed during the winter of 2013–14. Now they will file suit to stop an even more direct subsidy to WalMart and they need help. Continue reading

Judge Doyle Square: Lots of Unanswered Questions, Lots of Public Dollars

By Madison Alder David Ahrens Despite the detailed and extensive analyses of the costs and purposes of the public expenditures in the City's Negotiation Team report, there remain more significant questions than answers for the proposed loan of over $40 million and a grant of $12 million to Exact Sciences, a private corporation (with a current debt of more than half a billion dollars) and JDS LLC, a corporation created by Bob Dunn for which we have little information. Continue reading

Wisconsin Land Owners, Taxpayers Gather to Oppose Oil Pipeline Giveaway

Wednesday July 8, 11am • East side of State Capitol (King Street) Madison — Wisconsin taxpayers and land owners will gather outside the State Capitol to oppose GOP legislators’ move to allow Enbridge, Inc., a Canadian pipeline company, to more easily “condemn” (take) private property in Wisconsin and to evade local protections aimed at ensuring clean up after catastrophic oil spills. The demonstration will call on Governor Walker to veto this infringement on private property rights and local control. Continue reading

City and County Meetings of Interest 7/6/15

Running late . .  . our apologies.   Find out which meetings Progressive Dane recommends.  These are meetings with issues our elected officials are working on and need support or issues identified by the party as being of concern.  Biggest one is Judge Doyle Square tonight! Continue reading