Preschool to Prison Pipeline: A Local Perspective

Join MOSES Madison and the CommNS for a panel discussion and conversation facilitated by Kristin Forge, Child Care Specialist at Center for Families. Thursday, March 10, 6pm, Central Library, West Mifflin at Fairchild in Madison, third floor Continue reading

“The Promise of Paris”: Looking Forward After the Climate Conference

By Janette Rosenbaum — Five Madison-based delegates to the recent Paris climate conference reconvened for a panel discussion on February 9. The event, titled “The Promise of Paris”, was hosted by the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, which also hosted the December 3 webcast from the conference. Continue reading

Investing in All Our Communities: “Cooperative Enterprises for Job Creation and Business Development”

Economic Democracy in Dane County, Part Two By Greg Brown — Seeking to develop a stable, sustainable, and equitable local economy from the ground up, in 2009 a group of dedicated Madison area worker–owners from local worker cooperatives founded Madison Worker Cooperatives (MadWorC), an organization that provides educational resources and limited technical assistance to area residents interested in forming a new worker cooperative. Continue reading

Dane County District 1: Make a progressive choice Tuesday!

Progressive Dane has endorsed both challengers for the District 1 Dane County Board seat — the primary is Tuesday, February 16. Here are the challengers.If you’re not sure whether you live in District 1, here’s a map: You can see it in better detail here:   Continue reading

Public meetings, Feb. 15-19: schools, county and city

By Brenda Konkel (thanks to Forward Lookout for permission to re-post: Continue reading

MATC Administration Pits Downtown Advocates Against South Madison With Plan to Sell DTEC 

By Jody Knauss — Barely five years after passage of a $134 million building referendum, the administration of Madison Area Technical College is quietly moving forward with plans to sell its Downtown Education Center (DTEC), hoping to defuse opposition by proposing to use the proceeds to fund a new campus in south Madison. Continue reading

It’s Time to End Marijuana Prohibtion

NORML Working with Dane County Communities By Nate Petreman, President, Madison NORML — Significant progress has been made concerning marijuana law in Dane County, and positive changes seem to be in the works for some local communities.  However, many penalties remain on the books. There is a clear path to a better county, through progressive marijuana policy, which sets the tone statewide and nationwide. Continue reading

City, County, School public meetings this week

By Brenda Konkel (thanks for permission to re-post from Forward Lookout: — Public meetings for the week of February 8-12. Continue reading

Lots of issues with police policy in Madison

By Brenda Konkel — On January 7th, I testified about what issues the police policy committee should talk about. After being cut off by the chair, but allowed to speak by the body (1st person not held to three minutes, and only 2 or 3 people spoke), I was asked to put my testimony in writing (yeah, cuz I have time for that). I did . . . but then couldn’t figure out who to send it to, so it sat in my computer until yesterday when I sent it to the committee members I could find an email address for and one of the staff I had an email for, but not the primary staff cuz I couldn’t remember his name or find it quickly. My public comments included a statement that given that they are shooting people, some of these issues seem trivial in comparison, but here they are, nonetheless. Continue reading

School Board, County and City public meetings, Feb. 1-5

By Brenda Konkel (thanks to Forward Lookout for re-posting privileges: Continue reading