Vote on Judge Doyle Square project rescheduled again; questions remain on the proposal and the process

By Madison Alder Rebecca Kemble (editor’s note: this is from Alder Kemble’s blog, written September 14; after public outcry, the special meeting has been rescheduled for Tuesday, September 29) — Making a decision about an investment of over $62 million in public funds should be well informed and thoroughly researched. To that end I  have dedicated a good deal of time during my first four months in office studying and keeping up to date with the city’s negotiations with Bob Dunn and Exact Sciences on the Judge Doyle Square development agreements. Continue reading

Basics of the proposed Judge Doyle Square project

By Madison Alder David Ahrens — There are three basic elements to the JDS proposal: a 250,000 SF office complex built for Exact Science, a 650-stall private parking garage, a 600-stall public parking garage owned by the Parking Utility and a 200+ room hotel. The entire project would be developed and owned by JDS LLC, owned by Bob Dunn (developer of the Edgewater Hotel) and Majestic Realty, an LA real estate company. Continue reading

Dane County meetings, week of September 14-18

By Brenda Konkel — Four meetings after 5:30 – including public hearing on Human Services Budget Continue reading

City of Madison meetings, week of September 14-18

By Brenda Konkel — Rosh Hashana today and tomorrow, one committee chooses to ignore it, council meeting starts at 7:30 this week. Continue reading

Hands Off Brandi! Friday, September 4, 4:30pm at the Villager Mall

By Nathan Royko Maurer — Brandi Grayson is an outspoken, Black female leader in a growing, community-based social justice movement in our city, and it’s making the white guys in charge unhappy. Recent concentrated attention by the Madison Police Department on Brandi has resulted in what Chief Michael Koval [] calls “pure coincidence” when explaining why it seems she can’t turn around without finding a squad car in her front yard or a new surprise citation she didn’t know she’d earned. But any clear-eyed person can see; this is just plain legalized harassment. Why might they be doing this, you ask? Continue reading

Love. It’s never too late to join up.

By Amelia Royko Maurer — The great Black American leaders of our past are lauded for boldly confronting the American horror of white supremacy, but there is another critical piece that has effectively immortalized them. Their legacies have informed and empowered subsequent generations of great thinkers and leaders. This too serves as a measure of their monumental impact. Continue reading

Dane County meetings for the week of Aug. 31 to Sept. 4; Fitchburg and Sun Prairie budget hearings

By Brenda Konkel — Hmmm . . . I don’t know how we are supposed to know this, but the Sun Prairie Star says Joe Parisi is holding budget hearings: September 1 — 5:30–7 p.m., Fitchburg Public Library, 5530 Lacy Rd., Fitchburg. September 2 — 5:30–7 p.m., Westside Community Service Building, 2598 W. Main St, Sun Prairie. Continue reading

City of Madison meetings, week of Aug. 31 to Sept. 4; this could get very ugly

By Brenda Konkel — It’s a real shitshow this week ... A LOT going on ... A LOT! Continue reading

Board of Estimates recommends Judge Doyle Square project passage to Council, with weak caveats

By Brenda Konkel — So, cutting to the chase, after about 5 hours of talking about or listening to people talking about Judge Doyle Square, the Board of Estimates passed the following regarding Judge Doyle Square: Continue reading

Untangling the Inequities of Incarceration

By Mary Anglim — Reducing the number of prisoners in the Dane County jail, providing better supportive services to prisoners, especially those suffering from mental illness, and above all reducing the racial disparity in arrests, charges, convictions, and sentences in our criminal justice system, are the goals of three workgroups established by the Public Protection and Judiciary Committee of the Dane County Board. Continue reading