Board of Estimates recommends Judge Doyle Square project passage to Council, with weak caveats

By Brenda Konkel — So, cutting to the chase, after about 5 hours of talking about or listening to people talking about Judge Doyle Square, the Board of Estimates passed the following regarding Judge Doyle Square:

“The BOE recommends approval of the resolution, subject to satisfactory resolution of these issues prior to September 1:

(1) Language on a Labor Peace Agreement;

(2) Language on the timing and nature of reacquisition by the City of the hotel condominium unit and the future office expansion condominium unit;

(3) Completion of the Real Estate Purchase Agreement;

(4) Removal of the Developer’s right of first refusal on leasing of parking utility spaces; and

(5) More information on the TIF jobs grant and the other questions of the TIF Coordinator

If these matters are not satisfactorily resolved, the BOE recommends referral of the resolution to the Council’s September 15 meeting.”

Mo Cheeks recused himself at the beginning of the meeting and had gone home. They were in open session all but about 20 minutes of the ordeal. The only alder to vote no was Alder Marsha Rummel. The rest of the alders, voted yes. Denise DeMarb, Mike Verveer, Barbara McKinney and Sara Eskrich.

Who will decide if the “matters” are “satisfactorily” resolved? Staff and consultants? The mayor? That seems messed up, but I think that is who they left it up to. They weren’t in open session for long after they came out of closed session so maybe they discussed details there.

Not soup yet. And based on the “public knowledge” they were told in closed session – it may never be – but that’s for another blog post.

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