CDA Public Housing Policies Create Problems, Not Solutions

CDA Housing Operations Subcommittee is currently debating revised policies for screening folks seeking affordable public housing options.  The proposed screening criteria will continue the status quo, making it nearly impossible for those who are suffering most to get into public housing programs.  

The worst part: there are other proposals that would make criteria even more prohibitive.  A copy of the Subcommittee's February 13th meeting agenda can be found here.

Here are just some of Progressive Dane's Concerns on this topic:

  • People can be denied for bad credit and old landlord debts regardless of ability to pay or even in cases of disputed debts
  • Preferences for victims of Domestic Violence and Homeless Persons will be stripped out of wait list requirements
  • Residents will be required to pay maintenance and utility charges within 14 days, regardless of ability to pay
  • Residents may be prohibited from having guests and may be banned without any sort of grievance hearing
  • People may be denied access for old criminal cases where money is still owed, even if the individual is unable to pay fines
  • People may be denied for criminal activity, even if they weren't even charged with a crime (Civil Ordinance Violations, arrests, other drug paraphernalia charges)

The good news is that the revisions are only up for discussion at this point, and people will have opportunities to speak up.

If you are interested in sending your comments on this issue, please email Mayor Soglin:, the Common Council:, and the CDA Staff:  Dont forget to include your address to demonstrate you are a Madison Resident.

For more details on how to get involved, please contact Dane County Supervisor, Heidi Wegleitner at and be sure to attend the next Subcommittee meeting on March 13th at 4:30pm in Room 120 of the Madison Municipal Building.