Committees and Task Forces

Much of the work of Progressive Dane is done by committees and task forces. Committees and task forces each focus on a specific topic or issue and meet regularly. Committees focus on organizing and party-building, while task forces focus on issue campaigns and policy development. Click on Calendar in the sidebar to view the Progressive Dane calendar of meetings and events.



Progressive Dane's Elections Committee recruits candidates to run for local offices, trains candidates and campaign staff, and assists in campaign operations.  Additionally, Elections Committee makes endorsement recommendations to the General Membership.

Elections Committee meets on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 6:00pm in the main conference room of the Social Justice Center.

See the Elections Committee Page for Meeting Minutes and Upcoming Agendas.

For more information, contact Michael Johnson at


Progressive Dane's Policy Committee works with elected officials to discuss and develop legislative plans in order to achieve the policy goals of Progressive Dane's Platforms.  Additionally, Policy Committee drafts platform recommendations for the General Membership.

Policy Committee meets on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 4:00pm in the main conference room of the Social Justice Center.

See the Policy Committee Page for Meeting Minutes and Upcoming Agendas.

For more information, contact Sue Pastor at

Communications Committee

Progressive Dane's Communications Committee coordinates media communications and contacts, works to increase the party's visibility, and assists our elected officials in crafting our message.  Additionally, this committee works on crafting press releases and media advisories in order to get our message out through local media outlets.

This group currently meets on an as needed basis and works largely online.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Tia Nowack at

Newsletter Consortium

Progressive Dane's Newsletter Consortium produces the monthly newsletter, drafts articles and interviews for publication, and helps prepare the newsletter for mailing. For more information contact Tia Nowack at

Outreach Committee

Progressive Dane's Outreach Committee recruits new members, encourages volunteerism, and develops leadership within Progressive Dane through its three subcommittees: Membership, Volunteer, and Events.

For more information, contact Amanda Lazzari  at

Steering Committee

Progressive Dane's Steering Committee coordinates the activities of the various committees and task forces and sets the agenda for the General Membership Meetings.  The Steering Committee is also the only committee of Progressive Dane with elected positions.

The Steering Committee meets on Mondays, two weeks prior to the General Membership Meeting, at 7:00pm in the conference room of the Social Justice Center.

See the Steering Committee Page for Meeting Minutes and Upcoming Agendas.

For more information, contact Michael Johnson at

Task Forces

Economic Issues

Create a more progressive economic agenda through issues like economic development, progressive taxation, labor, and human services. This task force is meets as needed or in conjunction with the Policy committee. Please contact, if you have a specific issue that needs to be addressed or researched.


This task force works to educate people about and influence local school policy. For more information contact TJ Mertz,


This task force works on policies that will create affordable housing, ensure housing is free from discrimination, works on creating fair tenant and landlord policies and works on some development issues as they relate to housing. This group meets in conjuction with the Affordable Housing Action Alliance at noon the 1st Thursday of every month in the Social Justice Center conference room. For more information contact Heidi Weglietner,


To enact safe, sound and fair transportation policies, ordinances, and practices such as safe routes to school, skinner streets, and reducing the need for parking. For more information contact Aaron Crandall at