Coordinating Council Members Needed

Progressive Dane members needed to help make strategic decisions for the party.  We have several openings at the moment and we are looking for some members to join us in leading the party during these exciting times with new alders, county board elections coming up next spring and the many, many issues that we hope to influence on the county board, on the Madison common council, on the Madison School Board and in Fitchburg!

Currently, the Coordinating Council meetings are at 7:00 on the first Monday of the month at the Social Justice Center.  Members of the Coordinating Council plan the General Membership meetings, help with the newsletter, coordinate between the Elections and Policy Committees and our elected officials and do some of the day to day tasks involved with running the party.

With several openings, we need new Coordinating Council people who are ready to roll up their sleeves and help with both the mundane administrative tasks and who are willing to help us determine good strategies for moving forward as a party.  Do you have ideas for the next elections, engaging the membership, strong feelings about issue matters?  Do you want to fill the role of Treasurer or Secretary, help with coordinating summer tabling, coordinating the Garden Party or Snowball or re-starting volunteer night?  If you think you are one of those people and are available during the first Monday of the month, show up at the next General Membership Meeting and let us know you are interested!  The next meeting is June 24th at 6:00 (location yet to be determined).  If you have questions about serving on the Coordinating Council, you can contact Matt Kozlowski, Michael Johnson, Susan Pastor or Brenda Konkel.

If you are interested in working with the elections committee contact Michael Johnson.  If you are interested in working on policy issues, contact Brenda Konkel.  If you have other ideas about what Progressive Dane should be doing, feel free to come to the Coordinating Council meetings and let us know!


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