Dane County Divests from Fossil Fuels

By WMTV Madison, published on NBC15.com and aired on WMTV 6/6/13

Reporter: Phil Levin

dane_county_board_ccb_city_county_building.jpgActivists claim Dane County may be the first in the country to pledge against investing in fossil fuels.

Thursday night the board voted unanimously to keep from financial stakes in the 200 companies with the largest reserves.  The board cited environmental and global warming concerns echoed by local activists 350 Madison.

"When you as individuals buy gas or don't buy gas or invest in fossil fuels, or don't invest in fossil fuels, nobody in Washington knows about it," the group's Dick Smith said to the board. "But when you pass a resolution anybody can know about it."

District 4 Supervisor Kyle Richmond said he and a group of five other board members are planning a trip to Texas to lobby for a similar change, expecting a more hostile political climate.

The move may not make a major financial impact on the oil companies or Dane County, which hasn't invested directly in privately-issued stock in at least a decade.

Image Credit: WMTV News, Madison, Wisconsin.