Election Committee Meeting Tonight!

Regular monthly Elections Committee Meeting tonight at 6:00!

The elections committee has recently discussed a campaign school for the upcoming county board and school board elections!  If the elections are in April that means that we have to start working now.  We need to train people to be campaign treasurers, managers, volunteer coordinators and much more!  We do this so new candidates running for office have people ready to support them. 

The elections committee is also beginning to think about which districts might have openings or which we might want to have candidates to run in or where we know people are interested in running.

If you can't make it tonight, put it in your calendar for the first Monday of the month at 6:00.  If you can make it tonight, feel free to stay for the coordinating committee at 7:00.

If you have any questions about the elections committee, feel free to contact either of the co-chairs of the committee, Michael Johnson or Brenda Konkel.