Garden Party and the Kathy Schroeder Award

The Annual Progressive Dane Garden Party is this Friday, July 19 from 5-9pm!  The event will take place at the Brittingham Park Pavilion at 401 S. Brittingham Pl, Madison.    

The Garden Party is a great time to connect with new and old members, electeds, and supporters.  The event is a potluck and fundraiser, so please bring a contribution if you're able. 

This year, we will also be presenting Dave Carrig with the Kathy Schroeder Award at 6:30pm to honor his ongoing dedication and enthusiasm.  The award is given to a Progressive Dane member, friend, or ally:

  • Who gives generously of their time and energy to strengthen and expand community organizing efforts that serve ordinary citizens; 
  • Who cares passionately about fairness; 
  • Whose work is marked by humor, creativity, experience, and foresight; 
  • Who makes connections between different issues and constituencies;
  • Who takes responsibility for organizational details; 
  • Who seeks out, welcomes, and mentors the next generation of activists; 
  • Whose hypocrisy-detector is in good working order; 
  • Who can learn, reconsider, and reframe strategies; and
  • Who has a long record of fidelity to a vision of democratic society where burdens and resources are shared equitably. 

We are very honored to give this award to a person with such humility, kindness, commitment, and humor.