Lydia Maurer

Believing Progressive Dane's mission and work are critically important to democracy, protecting civil liberties and fighting poverty, in 2013 I look forward to tapping into the skills and talents the membership offers to assess future funding options, evaluate current operations, programs and services to improve how the party functions as a volunteer organization and to help address issue advocacy, stakeholder education, community outreach and concentrated efforts in membership retention and growth.

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Support our Candidates

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sir_pan.jpgProgressive Dane provides support of all different kinds to our Endorsed Candidates.  Candidates receive volunteer support, policy and platform guidance, trainings and staff development, and fiscal support.  Donating to Progressive Dane's Elections Fund ensures that our candidates have the resources needed to run effective campaigns and get elected.

What is the difference between the Organizing Fund and Elections Fund?

Our Organizing Fund helps us to run issue campaigns, print literature, pay for mailings, office space, and run our website. None of this money goes towards election activities.

Our elections fund, on the other hand, pays for election specific activities such as donations to endorsed candidates, funding for trainings and other resources, and endorsement literature.  No Elections Funds will go towards general organizing. 

If you are interested in supporting our issues and organizing work, visit our Membership Page.

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Become a volunteer

Progressive Dane is a grassroots, volunteer organization, and there's a broad variety of volunteer needs at any given time.  As you check the boxes below, let us know what you're happy to help out with!  We're glad you want to get involved, and we look forward to working with you soon!


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Member of Steering, Outreach and Elections Committees; Newsletter Consortium; Web-Site Team
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