Make a difference in local politics!

By Yogesh Chawla — There is a groundswell of activism sweeping the nation. Citizens who have been on the periphery are now front and center in reclaiming government for public good. Despite this growing movement, it is still hard to figure out how to get involved in a campaign and become more active in local government.

Here are some concrete steps that you can take to assist PD-endorsed candidates who are running in spring elections. Campaigns are built on the small contributions of many people, so every small action has a real impact.

Use word of mouth and social media to promote candidates

Spring Elections, particularly primaries, tend to be lower turnout than state and national elections.  The importance of every vote is amplified. Tell your friends and your network that the election is happening and encourage them to make a voting plan.

There are many early voting locations in addition to your local polling place on Election Day (Primary: February 21, general: April 4). PD will be posting many election updates on Facebook and sending out regular email announcements. Please tag your friends and share widely. If you haven’t yet, sign up to receive email updates on and like our Facebook page.

Attend an election event

Campaign season is in full swing and candidates are having fundraisers and meet- and-greets all across town. PD will keep you informed of when and where these are happening. These events are a great place to get to know the candidate one on one, and connect with volunteer opportunities on the campaign. If you are unsure whom you want to support, there are many candidate forums where you can get to know all the candidates at once.


Make a financial contribution to a campaign or PD

Did you know that PD is providing over $1,500 of contributions to various candidates? These contributions are the result of election fundraisers that PD hosts, and direct contributions to the PD elections fund. After these disbursements, we are looking to replenish this fund so we can continue to support candidates. You can also donate directly to the candidates. In municipal elections, a few hundred dollars can make the difference whether or not that last mailing or lit piece can be funded. The impact of your financial donation is magnified.

Volunteer directly with a campaign

Local campaigns are people-powered. You can sign up for a lit drop, organize a house party or fundraiser, or make phone calls. Campaign volunteers have a special cachet in town. Imagine the looks of appreciation you’ll get as you distribute campaign lit in the winter. If you want to get deeper into a campaign, there are also many advanced roles available like lit designer, social media coordinator, treasurer, and campaign team member. If you are contemplating running in the future, joining a campaign gives you an inside look at the nuts and bolts of running for office.

PD has a proud history of connecting members to campaigns and candidates that we endorse.  There are many ways to get involved. Please contact PD or the campaigns and we can help you find the perfect volunteer opportunity.