Panel discussion and community meeting on policing

Monday, September 21, 6:30-9:00pm

Bethany Church, 301 Riverside Drive

The Community Response Team (CRT) invites you to participate in a community conversation focused on important civilian and police officer safety issues that have come to light in the wake of the killing of unarmed, Williamson Marquette neighborhood resident Tony Robinson. These issues are not new and were part of a robust community debate after the killing of unarmed Paulie Heenan in 2012.

These issues include:

police recruitment/training

racial disparities

use of force

911 logistics

mental health crisis response resources

mental health for officers

civilian complaint/accountability process

Panelists include:

Andrea Irwin — Mother of Tony Robinson, Youth TLP/PATHS Case Manager for Orion

Family Services

Brandi Grayson — Co-founder - YGB Coalition

David Hart — Attorney and Pastor, Co-Founder Harlem Renaissance Museum

Jerome Flowers — Student Advocate, UW & Robinson Family Advocate

David Couper — Retired MPD Chief of Police & Pastor

Scott Herrick — Attorney, Police and Fire Commission

Kristen Roman — Captain, Madison Police Department

Ismael Ozanne — District Attorney, Dane County

Facilitator: Eileen Harrington — Attorney, Teacher of Public Policy UW Madison

The family of Tony Robinson and their advocates will be available to answer questions regarding the event of Tony’s death, the ensuing investigation and next steps.

Members of the Madison Police Department may be available to answer general questions about training and policy. They will not be answering questions about Tony Robinson.