PD Bylaws Updates

Boring By-laws?  Or Democracy and Transparency?

No one likes to work with by-laws.  I’m guessing people read the headline and didn’t even get to the first sentence.  However, they are fundamental to the organization and help ensure that organizations are open and democratic - and that is something that Progressive Dane cares about a lot - and we should be leaders in making our organization a model for transparency and democracy!  So, to spare you the gory details, here’s a summary of the changes if you don’t want to read the whole thing!  These changes were discussed at the last two GMMs and reflect the discussions at those meetings - so it's a collective work of multiple members.  Warning:  The list below might make you think about things and prompt you to think you might have a better amendment.  That’s ok!  Just bring your amendments to the GMM!  We know our amendment suggestions aren’t perfect and welcome further discussion.  

Since the by laws changes are complex, you can read the full article in this PDF:


There are a lot of changes, updates and we wanted to make sure any text that was struck out or replaced was precise.