PD Pick of the Week: Koval's Legal Fees

Hard to choose this week, but here's what we have.  The city council shouldn't pay the nearly $22,000 in legal fees without at least seeing the bills and reviewing the totality of the situation, after all, its optional for them to pay.  The state law and their own policies say that they "may" pay the bill.  In this case, we don't see why they should.

A police chief should not be able to act so terribly, admit he did, and then be awarded by having us taxpayers pay his legal fees. Remember, this all started because our elected officials wanted to get an independent study of the police department and the chief lashed out in his blog, then at the common council meeting. And then at Tony Robinson's grandmother by calling her a raging lunatic.  And then he was found to have violated his own policies.

The Board of Estimates will decide tonight whether to recommend that the council pay his nearly $22,000 in legal fees.  The decision is optional by state law and their own council resolution.  And they only have to pay the "reasonable" costs, but a bill has not been presented to determine what might be reasonable.  There are arguments to be had over if he "prevailed" when the PFC found he violated his own Code of Conduct, but then dismissed the charges.  But in the end, the decision to pay is optional. 

If you have an opinion on this matter, contact your Board of Estimates (soon to be Finance Committee) members:

Barbara Harrington-McKinney district1@cityofmadison.com
Marsha A. Rummel district6@cityofmadison.com
Maurice S. Cheeks district10@cityofmadison.com
Michael E. Verveer district4@cityofmadison.com
Paul R. Soglin Mayor mayor@cityofmadison.com
Sara Eskrich district13@cityofmadison.com
Zach Wood district8@cityofmadison.com

The mayor will not be there tonight, and a 3-3 tie means that it would fail.

If you want more information, more details are here.