PD Policy Need YOU!

At Wednesday's general membership meeting (GMM), we discussed several exciting projects the PD Policy Committee has taken on, including the Local Government Guide, Housing and Homelessness Report Cards for Madison Council and Dane County Board, City of Fitchburg Platform and an Education Platform.  Our policy committee can't do this alone, so we're reaching out to all members to recruit new members of the policy committee and/or special task forces to work on these projects.

Housing and Homelessness Report Cards

In June, the regular meeting of PD Policy is scheduled for June 25 at 2:30 PM to discuss the Housing Report Cards and evaluate the Madison Council and Dane County Board based on data on voting records related to housing and homelessness issues collected in a PD Policy Committee Google Sheet.  Over the next month, we need help completing data entry so our google sheet has all the info we need for our meeting on June 25. Please let PD know ASAP by emailing us at pdsteering(at)prodane(dot)org if you can help with this task and I will send you the link to the google sheet and try to answer any questions you have.  This will be the first set in what we hope to be a series of report cards on local electeds.  Next up - policing issues.

Local Government Guide

Brenda Konkel, PD co-chair, has spent a ton of time developing the comprehensive local government guide.  It is not quite complete, but there is a ton of great information on there already. She is looking for folks to review it and send her feedback.  Can you find what you're looking for?  Would this be helpful if you were thinking of running for office?  What are we missing?  Please email us at pdsteering(at)prodane(dot)org if you have feedback and/or would otherwise like to help with this. 

City of Fitchburg Platform

We have a number of engaged Fitchburg residents who are PD members, including former Mayor Steve Arnold and his wife Nancy, City Alder and County Supervisor Dorothy Krause, PD Steering Committee Member Michael Childers, former MMSD School Board member Arlene Silveira, former Mayor Jay Allen, and Wanda Smith, who recently ran an inspiring campaign for alder. We have scheduled our July GMM at the Fitchburg library and hope to discuss a proposed platform at that meeting.  That means, we need folks invested in the City of Fitchburg to put that draft together in advance of the July policy committee meeting so we can review it in advance of the July GMM.  We plan to make a google doc of the City of Madison platform that can used as a framework.  Please email me us at pdsteering(at)prodane(dot)org if you are interested in working on this project.

Education Platform

PD is excited to have a majority of PD-endorsed members on the MMSD Board of Education.  We are also fortunate to have several members who are former school board members, education policy experts and passionate about education.  We have received some drafts from past work on attempting an education platform from TJ Mertz. Thanks, TJ!  The Policy Committee plans to meet with individual or pairs of our school board members in August and September to get their feedback so we have a proposed platform to review in October or November, in advance of the Spring 2018 school board elections.  Thanks to Ali Muldrow, who has volunteered to help work on this project.    We expect we'll need to schedule a couple special meetings this summer for drafting discussions.  Please email me us at pdsteering(at)prodane(dot)org if you are interested in working on this project.


Finally, please let me know if you'd like to join the PD Policy email group.  And, we'd love to have more members at our regular monthly meetings of the policy committee.  As I mentioned above, the next one is Sunday, June 25 at 2:30 PM at the Social Justice Center.


Local progressive policy work -- this is the bread and butter of PD!  We can't wait to work on these projects with you.