PDs Pick of the Week: Olbrich Biergarten

While we might all love to have a biergarten on the lake, some things are more important, like transparency and good government process.  Email your alders (allalders@cityofmadison.com) asking them to start over and have a good, clean process to decide what type of activities should be happening in our parks.  We're in the middle of the public input process for our 5 year plan for parks, get more public input and involve the community in true placemaking.  If this passes tonight, ask the mayor (mayor@cityofmadison.com) to veto.

More details are here.  

The City of Madison banned alcohol in the Olbrich Park in 2015, and now they are allowing a biergarten to be opened on public lands, for private profit.  Does that make sense to you?

They say this is a "placemaking" activity, but the core principles of placemaking include the community in determining what will go into the public spaces.  This process has been anything but based in the community.  And if it passes, the public will have no say in if this lease gets renewed for up to 7 years. 

Where is the equity analysis on this?  How will this impact the people who currently use the park - a disproportionate portion of which are people of color?

Ask our city council and mayor to be an example of good, clean, transparent and open government.  Start over on the Olbrich Gardens lease.  Include the community, do real placemaking and an equity analysis.  They vote tonight!   Let them know what you think.