Political Capital Chart

Earning Political Capital with Progressive Dane is easy.  Follow the chart below for details on Political Capital earning activities.

Outreach Political Capital

1 Hour of Phonebanking: 10 PC

1 Hour at Volunteer Night: 15 PC

Email 5 friends about Joining Progressive Dane: 5 PC

Invite 5 friends to attend an Event: 10 PC

Write an Article for the Monthly Newsletter: 20 PC

Help Plan an Event: 35 PC

Fundraising Political Capital

Each Donation Raised: 15 PC

Fundraised: 5 PC/$1 Raised

Campaign Political Capital

1 Hour of LitDrops: 35 PC

1 Hour of GOTV: 35 PC

1 Hour of Campaign Volunteer Work: 30 PC

Work as a Campaign Manager for a PD Campaign: 250 PC

Work as a Volunteer Coordinator for a PD Campaign: 200 PC

Work as a Treasurer for a PD Campaign: 200 PC

Work as a Database/Website Manager for a PD Campaign: 200 PC

Run for Public Office: 500 PC

Organizational Political Capital

Attend a meeting: 30 PC

Lobby an Elected Official: 50 PC

Write a Letter to the Editor: 10 PC (25 PC bonus for getting your LTE Published!)

Participate in an Event/Direct Action: 35 PC

Check your Political Capital Balance

Want to view your progress?  Visit your Political Capital page to find details on the Political Capital you've earned thus far, and see your current balance. 

If you have any questions about Political Capital or Volunteering with Progressive Dane, contact Mike Johnson at admin@prodane.org