Preschool to Prison Pipeline: A Local Perspective

Join MOSES Madison and the CommNS for a panel discussion and conversation facilitated by Kristin Forge, Child Care Specialist at Center for Families.

Thursday, March 10, 6pm, Central Library, West Mifflin at Fairchild in Madison, third floor

Panelists include:

Pam Oliver, UW–Madison, Professor of Sociology
Predicting prison populations via third grade reading skills is a myth; rather interrelations among poverty, discrimination and inter-group conflict, crime, and schooling are better predictors. Racial disparities are not explained away by educational differences.

Donna Hart-Tervalon, Contributing author of Courageous Conversations and retired Consultant for the Department of Public Instruction
Hart-Tervalon will share stories from her informal study in which she visited several jails and prisons in Wisconsin and interviewed people about their educational experiences.

Caliph Mauab’El, Co-Founder of Breaking Barriers Mentoring/Executive Coordinator of Voices Beyond Bars and formerly incarcerated individual.
Mauab’El will share experiential experience both as a young man in the school system, and as a formerly incarcerated individual who has co founded a youth mentoring program.

Deb Anderson, Current MMSC teacher at the Metro Madison School
Anderson will focus on the second chance bill, which allows minors to waive into adult court and also how early inclusion of police within schools is setting up a bad precedent for children with increased interactions with them.

There will be a chance for discussion after the panel! Bring a friend.