Press Release: Progressive Dane's Statement on Sarah Manski's Withdrawal from the School Board Race


For Immediate Release: FEBRUARY 24TH, 2013

On January 23rd, 2013, Progressive Dane made a dual endorsement in the Madison Metropolitan School Board race for Seat 5. At the time, Progressive Dane had no indication that Sarah Manski would not be able to follow through on the campaign or hold the seat if elected. Progressive Dane made no contributions, monetary or otherwise, to her campaign. 

“I was shocked when I found out about Manski’s withdrawal,” said Mike Johnson, Co-Chair for Progressive Dane. “Sarah never mentioned anything about her plans to leave Madison during the endorsement process; this information would’ve completely changed our decision.”

Moving forward, Progressive Dane is fully committed to supporting TJ Mertz for School Board Seat 5, as indicated by Mertz’s unanimous support out of the Progressive Dane Elections Committee. Progressive Dane is also proud to report that Mertz will involve ousted candidate Ananda Mirilli in any candidate forums should she choose to seek a write-in candidacy. “Madison voters deserve a choice at the polls this Spring” said Mertz.

Even though Ananda Mirilli is not an endorsed candidate of Progressive Dane, we regret that voters will no longer have two legitimate candidates printed on the ballot.

Progressive Dane is a Progressive Political Party in Dane County, Wisconsin. PO Box 1222, Madison, WI 53701

- END -