Get out the vote for PD endorsed Candidates!

It is the last weekend before Spring Elections and campaigns are in full swing.  Can YOU volunteer to help get this impressive slate of progressive candidates elected?

PD has endorsed the following candidates (* denotes unopposed):

Madison Metropolitan School District 
Seat 6 - Ali Muldrow for School Board
Seat 7 - Nicki Vander Meulen

Madison City Council 
District 2 - Ledell Zellers*
District 4 - Mike Verveer*
District 6 - Marsha Rummel*
District 11 - Bradley Campbell (Bradley Campbell for Madison)
District 17 - Samba Baldeh*
District 18 - Rebecca Kemble*

Fitchburg City Council & Mayor 
Mayor - Steve Arnold (Reelect Mayor Steve Arnold)
District 1, Seat 1 - Dorothy Krause (
District 1, Seat 2 - Wanda Smith (Friends 4 Wanda Smith)
District 2, Seat 4 - Linda Brewer
District 3, Seat 5 - Jay Allen

The campaigns are asking for your help!  Can you drop some lit, knock on a door, or make a financial contribution?  Here is how you can help:

Steve Arnold - Mayor Fitchburg

Dorothy Krause - Fitchburg Alder 

From the Capital Times: "In Fitchburg, we're impressed with progressive Mayor Steve Arnold and we'd also like to put in a good word for Dorothy Krause, one of the hardest-working public servants in the county. Krause serves not just on the council but as a progressive Dane County Board member. She ended up on crutches during this year's campaign, but still knocked on every door in the district"

Jay Allen - Fitchburg Alder

Wanda Smith - Fitchburg Alder

Bradley Campbell - Madison City Council District 11

Nicki Vander Meulen - Madison School Board
Nicki's opponent Ed Hughes suspended his campaign due to family reasons.  We wish Ed and his family the best.  Please vote for Nicki as both names are still on the ballot.

Ali Muldrow - Madison School Board

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With your help, we can get all these Progressive Candidates elected!  Thanks!