Upcoming PD Candidate Events

Following a weekend of GOTV litdrops, canvassing, and phonebanking, Progressive Dane Candidates will be hosting events around Madison along with continuing volunteer opportunities.

Interested in making GOTV calls? PD candidate Ledell Zellers will be phonebanking supporters in District 2 to help get out the vote on Tuesday (February 19th).  If you want to get involved, contact Ledell's Volunteer Coordinator, Madelyn Sundquist, at msundquist7@gmail.com

Interested in GOTV Canvassing?  District 13 Progressive Dane Candidate Damon Terrell will be going door to door to increase turnout for the Primary.  If you want to get involved, contact Damon's Campaign Manager, Jolie Lizotte, at jolie122@gmail.com.

In addition to the volunteer opportunities above, the following candidates will be hosting Primary Victory Parties on Tuesday, February 19th:

District 2 Candidate Ledell Zellers - 8pm at Madtown Pizza (912 East Johnson).

District 13 Candidate Zach Madden -8pm at The Laurel (2505 Monroe Street).

District 15 Candidate Hawk Sullivan - 8pm at The Jade Monkey (109 Cottage Grove Rd).

School Board Candidate Sarah Manski - 8pm at The Fountain (122 State Street).

School Board Candidate TJ Mertz - 8pm at The Brink Lounge (701 East Washington Ave).

Don't forget about Progressive Dane's Elections Fundraiser!

Sunday February 24th, 2-4pm
Cardinal Bar, 418 E Wilson St