Wisconsin Land Owners, Taxpayers Gather to Oppose Oil Pipeline Giveaway

Wednesday July 8, 11am • East side of State Capitol (King Street)

Madison — Wisconsin taxpayers and land owners will gather outside the State Capitol to oppose GOP legislators’ move to allow Enbridge, Inc., a Canadian pipeline company, to more easily “condemn” (take) private property in Wisconsin and to evade local protections aimed at ensuring clean up after catastrophic oil spills. The demonstration will call on Governor Walker to veto this infringement on private property rights and local control.

Enbridge is attempting to expand a tar sands oil pipeline that cuts across Wisconsin, from Superior to Flanagan, Illinois.  The company has a horrendous safety record and is responsible for the worst inland oil spill in US history. Damages from the 2010 Kalamazoo, Michigan, pipeline spill cost in excess of $1 billion.

To guard against these kinds of losses, Dane County has required Enbridge to purchase environmental clean-up insurance as a condition of expanding its pumping station near Marshall, Wisconsin. Instead of supporting this commonsense step to protect Wisconsin families and taxpayers, the Joint Finance Committee slipped a provision into the budget to prohibit any county from requiring pipeline operators to carry environmental clean-up insurance. 

In the same maneuver, GOP legislators also tacked on a change to the state budget that would make it easier for Enbridge to “condemn” (take through the process of eminent domain) the land of farmers and other property owners.

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