Write for the Newsletter or Blog!

Do you like to write or edit?  If so, we need you!  Attend a local government  meeting and write a 2 - 4 paragraph summary.  Have a strong opinion about a topic, tell our members about it.  Have an idea for a new initiative, write about it and see if others want to help make it happen!

Progressive Dane is revitalizing our newsletter with the help of our once again volunteer newsletter editor Norm Littlejohn.  We are beefing up the newsletter and combining that with a new blog and social media strategy to keep our members more informed and engaged.  Of course, that means we are looking for folks to help make it happen.  We are looking for many voices and opinions to contribute to the cause.  We'd like the issues to be targeted to those in our platforms or current issues, but you might find something that should be added to our platform as well!  New ideas welcome. We are particularly looking for someone who can focus on school board issues.

Write once a day, once  week or once a month.  Or just try it once! The commitment can be as much or as little as you like.  

That also means we need people to help with edit and layout, so if you don't want to write but can contribute to helping make it happen, that is needed too!  You could also help edit blog posts, as we due make miztakes.  :)

Or you can help write and edit!  If interested, contact Norm Littlejohn at editor@prodane.org.