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What is Progressive Dane?


November General Membership Meeting • 6:30pm, Wednesday, November 29

Social Justice Center • 1202 Williamson St. Conference Room

Progressive Dane is a progressive political party in Dane County, Wisconsin. Progressive Dane believes that ordinary citizens should control public policies at the community and national levels. We support tax justice, better social services, equality in public education, affordable housing, and public transportation. Progressive Dane helps community members organize around issues that are important to them and also works on the grassroots level to elect progressive political candidates.

For more information about PD, visit the About Progressive Dane Page.

What Makes Progressive Dane Different?



Progressive Dane brings together people committed to making government responsive to our communities' urgent needs. We believe our best solutions come from communities themselves, not the Democrats, Republicans, and the powerful moneyed interests they both serve.


Progressive Dane seeks to ally progressive activists and community organizations to form a powerful, united, and independent force in electoral politics and non-electoral struggles.


Progressive Dane is democratically run by its members. The general membership makes decisions based on values and principles before partisanship. Click here for information on how to join Progressive Dane.


We make no apologies for expecting endorsed candidates to remain accountable to their campaign promises and to our progressive program. They are recruited to work with each other and Progressive Dane on a regular basis.


  • Latest from the blog

    Progressive Dane Stands with Wanda Smith

    In Spring 2017, Progressive Dane endorsed Wanda Smith’s candidacy for Fitchburg City Alder based on her commitment to public service and strong record of leadership within the Fitchburg community. As Founder and President of the Peace Network, a local mental health service provider, Smith serves area youth and adults through one-on-one group workshops and seminars to equip them with the skills necessary to fulfill their potential as individuals in the community. At the Peace Network, Smith runs a homework club, which meets three times per week to provide students with academic supports, meals, and a safe environment. She also works with youth in the Middleton, Cross Plains, and Monona Grove school districts as a substitute teacher, and has mentored hundreds of youth throughout her career. As a locality that harbors some of the worst racial disparities in the country, Dane County needs to support more service providers led by people of color such as the Peace Network, and support progressive leaders like Smith, to begin counteracting the systemic racism that plagues our Greater Madison community. 
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    Healthy Farms, Healthy Lakes

    Two dogs died in Lake Mendota. The cause of their death isn't clear, but it is clear that the lakes are not safe for humans and animals for a large part of the year. Dane County has developed a task force to address these issues: Healthy Farms, Healthy Lakes Taskforce. The task force is planning to meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 3:00 at the City County Building.
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